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Will my data be safe?

Yes, all of our client data is safe. We can restore all databases to any 'Point In Time' depending on the data plan you have, which is determined by your data volume and traffic. We mirror our clients' data in a secondary geographical region, ensuring its resilience to any storage outages. In addition, we operate scheduled database backups throughout the day. These backups are stored on distributed servers in both primary and secondary data centres.

Will my data be secure?

Yes, all of our client data is secure. All data is stored in a dedicated database on a secure remote server in a Tier IV Datacentre. Access to the system is controlled via a unique registration key or username\password depending on the solution.

All data is stored on a remote server in a Tier IV Datacentre.

All data is stored on a remote server in a Tier IV Datacentre.

Will I be able to integrate with my existing IT systems?

Yes. We provide API access for our core functions using RESTful and JSON services.

Where will the source code be held?

Source code is stored in cloud-based source control for development purposes and version history. It is backed up to our main server each day which in turn is backed up externally. This also acts as a repository for the code. Clients also have the option to enter into an Escrow Agreement. We back up our source to the escrow servers on a regular basis as agreed on a client by client basis.

Is there a maximum data capacity?

No. When you meet growing demand, we have the capability to upscale your data capacity.

Do you utilize international datacentres?

Yes. We operate from datacentres in 20 regions around the world. This allows us to select a datacentre in a geographically close proximity to achieve higher performance.

What support services are available?

We have a range of support packages to meet the individual needs of our clients, agreed on a client by client basis. Our support desk, which has the capacity for 24/7 support if required, operates on the basis of ITIL principles.

What is UD platform written in?

Our software is written in the latest Microsoft.Net framework with WinForms, WPF and ASP.Net. The languages used are C# and VB.Net.

Will I have access to my data?

For the majority of our solutions we can provide a service whereby your database can be backed up multiple times at scheduled times. These backups are uploaded to an ftp site of your choosing. In other circumstances we can provide your data upon request.

Will any third party be able to see my client data?

No. The only people who can see your client data are authorised UD Group personnel for support and development purposes.

What is your up time?

Our up time is in excess of 99 per cent.

What operating system can I use this on?

All of our solutions can run on any Windows based operating system from Windows XP onwards and Mac OS.